Google has been including new innovations to Photos to make it by far the best cloud storage application. It already enables users to collect unlimited High-Quality photos so users will never have to bother about storage limits. But Google feels ‘unlimited’ can only be true when it lifts all restrictions, one of them being the 2,000 items limit for albums.

Reddit user recently found that they could add well past 2,000 photos in a single album. In fact, the post states that they were able to add over 3,300 photos into a single shared album. This supposedly works for both standard and shared albums. The post further explains that the 2,000 barrier remains when transferring photos from Google Photos into an album, but doesn’t exist when adding items from within an existing album.

As of now, there’s no official statement from the tech-giant on whether it has raised the limit completely. It is also possible that the company has set a new boundary that is yet to be found by users. Maybe 3,000, or maybe more?

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